• Company Profile

    Dwij Consultants, a reliable and trustworthy source for Consultation and procurement of Machine Tools and related technologies is deeply committed to support its Customers and Associates to increase competitiveness, enhance efficiency, improve productivity, and ensure growth and prosperity.

    Dwij Consultants established in the year 1991 by Mr. Mihir.S.Baxi has earned the confidence of enterprising Industrialists and entrepreneurs of Gujarat and various other States as it has developed itself as a reliable trustworthy and dependable organization which Guide,advise and help to procure Machine Tools and Accessories, both imported and Indigenous. Having experience in the field of marketing Machine Tools and Accessories of Indian manufacturers, various Foreign Manufacturers has entrusted the Marketing responsibility of their products to Dwij Consultants and this has also helped the organizations to have a full fledged presence through out India.

  • Promotor Profile

    Mr. Mihir S.Baxi
    Having vast experience in the initial stages, in the field of design and development of Machines in the processing and fabrication Machineries, Mr. Mihir Baxi has exposed himself in the field of Marketing of Machine Tools and Accessories in a renowned Engineering Marketing Company in India i.e Voltas Ltd. Here he had exposure in the marketing of Machine Tools and Accessories both indigenous and imported. The interaction with the design an marketing personnel of the world renowned manufactures and the in-house and outdoor training has prompted him to setup an independent organization catering to the medium and Small Scale Industries who can rely and depend for all their needs of Machine Tool Procurements from initial stages of planning to the final stage of procurement and ahead.

    Mr. Baxi is also extending his Services in the field of Marketing and Technology Upgradation and procurement in the capacity of Director in one of the renowned CNC Machine Tool Manufacturers in India. His frequent visit to Foreign Nations- both developed and developing, for the conclusion of Export Orders, attending Seminars, International exhibitions , negotiation of high cost Machines for and on behalf of the interested parties in India gives him excellent exposure on latest trend and development in the International Market both in Marketing and New Projects. His contribution for the incorporation of new technologies for the upgrading of the existing products is highly appreciated.

  • Areas of Expertise

    Selection and supply of CNC Machines
    Selection of conventional Machines
    Cycle Time Calculations and Process Development
    Development of Special MachineTool Accessories Information on Export and Import of Machines

  • What do We do

    Study customer requirement of Machine Tools and Accessories
    Ascertain various factors in the light of cost vs. quality
    Locate Suppliers of Machines and Accessories
    Supply/negotiate for suitable machines to suit the requirement
    Co-ordinate Commissioning and Training

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